11 tips to save water at your home

Water conservation is crucial at this time because of the climate change that we are facing right now. The glaciers started melting and their size is reduced than ever before which eventually results in drought. Our body is made of 65% to 71% of water so does our Earth. We seem to have more water but actually, we don’t. The amount of freshwater is only 3% among that 71% of the water in our World. And that 3% is also started reducing. So, we must take serious efforts in order to prevent us from the worst situation i.e., scarcity of water.

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11 ways to save water at our home: 

Close the faucet:

We can start with a small and important one. Close the faucets when they are not in use. An average faucet releases 2 gallons of water per minute. So, while brushing use the water whenever necessary. Don’t let it open while you are brushing the whole time. Similarly, don’t let the water flow even after the bucket is full.

Check for the leaks:

Yes, this is really important. Check for the leaks and fix them promptly. We all know the proverb that “Small drops make a mighty ocean.” Actually, we used to relate this proverb to our actions towards our success but for a change let’s take the actual meaning of the sentence. We may neglect to repair the faucet as it only leaks in drops but what you don’t know is that when you collect those drops in a bucket, you’ll get a bucket full of water at the end of the day. Hence fix it as soon as possible and catch the water until the faucet gets repaired.

Take shower over bath:

We tend to spend less water in the shower than taking a bath. i.e., The shower takes less amount of water than the bath. Invest in water-efficient showers where the water flow will be less.  Of course, you must take short showers. Make a wise decision to reduce the amount of water you use.

Similarly, connect the outlet of the bathroom to the gardens to water them. So that the water will not be wasted. An added advantage to this is the water after the shower contains the minerals that we had in our natural soap or shampoo which helps the plants to get their nutrients.

Collect rainwater:

Don’t hesitate to collect the rainwater in the buckets. Also, try to start a rainwater harvesting system where you can collect rainwater from your roof and lead them to the ground. This helps to improve and increase the groundwater level. But we don’t have a yard in our home, so we collect the rainwater from the roof and lead it to our well.


If your planting is purely based on decoration go for the plants which require less water. Example: Aloe vera. Watering it once or twice a week is more than enough even in tropical regions. They not only look great but also has more benefits for our health.

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How to practice water conservation in your daily chores?

Washing dishes:

We tend to spend more water when we do our dishes manually. So, go for the dishwasher and use it in the full load. If you’re happy with the manual washing, try to reduce the amount of water you use. Also, catch the water and use it for the toilet flush or watering your plants or garden.

Cleaning your fruits and vegetables:

Fill a tub with water then wash your fruits and vegetables by rubbing them in the water. Then you can finish washing them with running tap water once quickly. Don’t wash them from the very beginning with the running water which results in excess water wastage.

Washing your clothes:

Similar to the dishwasher, use your washing machines in the full load to save gallons of water. When you manually wash the clothes reuse that water in the flush or garden. You can also direct the water from the washing machine to the garden if you wish.

RO water purifier:

Are you using the RO water purifier? If yes, you’ve to know the following. It uses 3 litres of water to purify 1 litre of water. Think about how much water you waste while purifying your water? Hence collect the wastewater and use it for any other use.

Reusable water bottle:

Always have one water bottle with you whenever you’re heading out. This not only prevents us from tossing many disposable plastic bottles but also saves water. Wondering how this act will save the water? They say that the companies take 3 liters of water to make that half a liter of water. Also, they come under single-use plastics, so stay away from them.

Conserve water

Watering plants:

Always water your plants in the morning or in the evening. This helps the plants to absorb the water well without much evaporation. So, avoid watering the plants in the scorching sun or afternoon.

Benefits of water conservation: 

  • By conserving water, we not only save water but also energy. When we are using the washing machine and dishwashers with a full load, we are actually reducing the power by using it once rather than twice.
  • We can escape from serious issues like drought and water scarcity.
  • Water pollution will be decreased when we practice water conservation.
  • We can save money more than you think by using less amount of water. When we use less water, our usage of the motor to pump the water from the underground is reduced which results in low electricity and hence saved money from the electric bill.

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Let us also recall what we were taught in our school about water conservation and implement them. Do you remember any of them?

Share your water conservation tips that you practise at your home.

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