Natural Loofah vs Synthetic Loofah | Benefits | How to Use | FAQ

Natural Loofah vs Synthetic Loofah, Natural Loofah Benefits, How to Use, FAQ

Plastic loofahs are typically made of a synthetic material called polyethylene or nylon, which are types of plastic. When used, these materials can shed microplastics into the water supply or the environment. Over time, these microplastics can accumulate in aquatic ecosystems, where they can be ingested by fish and other marine organisms. To reduce the … Read more

Plastic Free July Challenge | Day 26

Day 26 of the Plastic Free July Challenge

Day 26 of the Plastic Free July Challenge Throughout the year. 2020, face masks have become one of the most prominent symbols of the coronavirus pandemic, both on our faces and, according to experts, in pollution scattered across the planet’s beaches, streets, and bodies of water. OceansAsia, a non-profit marine conservation advocacy organization, recently conducted … Read more