DIY Lip Balm: Natural & Zero Waste

Hey everyone!!! Since we’re in the winter most of us facing issues like dry skin and chapped lips. The lips are soft, delicate and sensitive and it is prone to damage or crack due to the climatic conditions or to the exposure of harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays. Chapped lips not only look bad but also burns a lot and sometimes it tends to bleed. Most of us go for the lip balms to alleviate the sore. So why don’t you give it a shot to our DIY Lip Balm?

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Why DIY Lip Balm?

Do you know that the commercial ones contain harsh chemicals which are really unnecessary to protect your lips? Some physicians say that manufacturers use additives in lip balms to cause the lips to dry even more. Sounds scary right?

Commonly used chemicals in the lip balm:

  • Petrolatum or petroleum jelly which is known for its nourishing properties completely seals the moisture on our lips. But the problem is it also doesn’t allow the external air or moisture to enter which is required for the lips. It blocks them completely. The other problem is that it may lead to breast cancer when petroleum jelly got contaminated.
  • The artificial fragrance used in the lip balms has chemicals like phthalates which disrupts the reproductive system in both male and female.
  • Parabens which are present in the lip balms for flavour and fragrance also cause breast cancer.
  • Sunscreens used in the lip balms may protect us from sun rays but in return, we suffer from hormone malfunction.
  • To preserve them, BHA is used in the lip balms. But it has carcinogen which is a leading agent in causing cancer.
  • The synthetic colours used in the lip care products are considered as the byproduct of petroleum and you know the rest.


It is wise to be on the safer side by using natural ingredients. You guys know that I’m a girl who wears no makeup and I always look for the natural and chemical-free options. I’m fond of this DIY Lip Balm because it not only replaces the commercial lip balm but also the lipstick (For the lips, I love to have a natural pink colour) and the lip gloss which costs more money and more packing.

By using this lip balm, we can drastically reduce the number of chemicals we use on our lips which causes various cancers, we can avoid producing more trash and the amount we spend on our lips, i.e., less expensive, zero waste and healthier option.

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Common issues of lips:

  • Dryness
  • Split lips
  • Pigmentation or dark lips
  • Lip sores

By using our DIY Lip Balm, you can overcome most of these problems.

DIY Lip Balm:


  • Cocoa butter – 3 tbsp (unrefined)
  • Beeswax – 3 tbsp (unrefined)
  • Coconut oil – 2 tbsp (unrefined & melted)
  • Castor oil – 2 tbsp (unrefined)
  • Beetroot powder – 2 tbsp
  • Rose powder – 1tbsp


  1. Add the Cocoa butter, beeswax, castor and coconut oil in a bowl and melt them in the double boiler (Take a pan with water and place the bowl with these ingredients on the water and melt them in the medium flame).
  2. Once melted, cool it to the room temperature.
  3. Now mix the rose and beetroot powder.
  4. Add the liquid to this mixture and stir well.
  5. Transfer it into an old lip balm container or any other small container will do the work.
  6. Place it in the refrigerator and let it sit for 2 to 3 hours to get its structure.

Benefits of using these ingredients:

Cocoa butter:

Cocoa butter keeps your lips hydrated. Due to its hydrating properties, it is widely used in many beauty products from skin-care to hair care. Cocoa butter makes your lips supple and soft. It also makes your DIY lip balm smell good with a yummy chocolate aroma!!!


The main reason for using the Beeswax in DIY Lip Balm is to harden our recipe. Also, the moisturizing property in the beeswax is an added advantage. It protects your sensitive lips from the harmful rays like UV rays. The beeswax prevents the lips from getting dried or chapped as well as heals them. Its antibacterial property helps to treat the pain and inflammation on lips.

Coconut oil:

Our ancestors knew the goodness of the coconut oil. They used coconut oil on their skin and lips during the winter days for dry skin and lips because it acts as a natural moisturizer. It also traps the moisture of our lips without blocking the external moisture. It relieves your split or cracked lips. The coconut oil has an SPF 7 which aids to protect your lips to a certain extent from sunlight and other harmful rays.

Castor oil:

Castor oil acts as a natural lip gloss. It gives a glossy and shiny look to your lips. It also soothes your chapped lips.

Rose powder:

Rose powder gives you mild fragrance as well as a pink shade. The antioxidant property in it helps to heal the skin.

Beetroot powder:

It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which treat pigmentation. This results in soft, supple and pink lips without any artificial colour.

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Bonus tips for the pink and beautiful lips:

Sometimes it is best to treat the issues from the root.

Drink lots of water:

The reasons for dull and dry lips may be due to the dehydration. By drinking lots of water, you’re not only removing all toxins from your body but also hydrate your lips for a healthier look.

Exfoliate your lips:

Remove the dead skin from the lips by exfoliating once in a week. You can gently scrub your lips with your toothbrush which is more than fine.


Rub a slice of beetroot on your lips while you’re binge-watching your favourite shows. Simply wash your lips with water to get rid of the strain around your lips. You’ll end up having beautiful pink lips even without using lipstick. Try to do it as much as possible like once or twice a week for good results. Also consuming cooked or raw beetroot increases the blood flow in our body and that not only makes our skin and lips pink but also makes us healthier by providing iron, manganese, potassium, vitamin C (plays a huge role in maintaining our skin) and Folate to your body.

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Stop licking your lips:

Yeah, you heard me right. Stop licking your lips very often. Over application of saliva will darken and dry your lips. When you have the urge to lick your lips reapply the Lip balm to moisturize them.

Stop smoking:

The toxic smoke from smoking leads to hyperpigmentation and dried lips. It also creates wrinkles which makes your lips look less attractive.

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Natural toothpaste:

The flavours in your commercial toothpaste may cause allergy which draws the sore lips or any other inflammation. Try our new Toothpowder recipe which is completely free from the chemicals.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Lack of nutrients also results in unattractive lips. Vitamin B and E are vital for both skin and lips.  Drinking lemon juice also lightens the colour of your lips. You can even rub a slice of lemon on your lips. Go for the fruits like watermelon which has more water content in them. Also, aloe vera, a great nature’s gift which can be found in any beauty products. You can drink as well as apply the aloe vera juice for moistured and healthy lips.

Try the DIY Lip Balm and share your experience!

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