Get rid of Dark circles – Natural & Zero waste way!

Trying to get rid of the dark circles naturally in a zero waste way? You’re at the right place. As I usually say we’ve to know the root cause for any problem to cure it effectively. So, I’ve shared the basic reasons why we get them in the first place? How to treat it from internally as well as externally. I’ve mentioned 2 remedies here, one with the natural ingredients and the other one is quite interesting. You no need anything. We’re going to do it in the zero waste way – i.e., we use nothing here to heal it and get those beautiful eyes. Excited to know more? Keep reading!!!

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Causes of dark circles:

Why one gets dark circles in the first places? There are many reasons for it. Let’s look at them.

Poor sleeping habits:

The major reason for getting dark circles is due to poor sleeping habits. Sleeping for less or more than the required hours make our skin under our eyes dark. During the sleep, our body works better to heal the muscles, organs and even skin. So, practice a good sleeping routine and try to get sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night.


Don’t stress yourself as well as your eyes! Yes, staring at the phone or computer screens causes strain to your eyes. As a result, the blood vessels around your eyes enlarge. The skin under your eyes is very thin and so it starts to show up the dark blue blood vessels on your skin when it enlarges. So try to take off your eyes from the screen then and there. Look at the trees or even looking at the sky works. Also, try to rub your palms to make it warm and place your warm hands on your eyes gently once in an hour to relax your eyes.


Drink lots of water. Water plays a major role in our health. Drinking enough water is essential for healthy eyes and skin around your skin. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. To track and increase your water intake, always carry a water bottle with you, it reminds you to drink water regularly.

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Overexposure to the sun:

Excess of sun exposure leads to higher melanin production. This causes the skin under your eyes dark. Always cover your eyes with your sunglass to protect your eyes from the scorching sun.


Similarly, the ageing causes the skin around your eyes even thinner. Hence you’ll get to see those blood vessels visibly which results in dark circles.


Some inherit the dark circles from their family members.

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Smoking and excessive alcohol:

The toxins released from the cigarette while smoking damages the delicate skin around your eyes. The reason to avoid alcohol is that it dehydrates your skin a lot. And you know the rest. So, avoid smoking as well as consuming alcohol.Earn with Fiverr!


We all know that we should not rub our eyes. But histamines are produced by our body to fight with the pathogens when we’ve allergies. This results in itching along with the other symptoms. When we have eye allergies, we naturally tend to rub our eyes and this is the reason behind it.  And this damages the delicate skin under your eyes. Thus, causing the dark circles.

What deficiency causes dark circles?

As I said before, you’ve to treat internally to get rid of dark circles from the root. In order to do that, you should have a balanced diet. Also, you must need enough amount of the following vitamins and minerals. This means the deficiency of these will lead to dark circles.

Iron and Vitamin B12:

This gives a boost to your oxygen content to the cells around your eyes.

Sources of  Iron and Vitamin B12: Green leafy vegetables, lentils, Tofu, Baked potatoes, Dates, Raisins and other dry fruits.

Get rid of Dark circles - natural & zero waste

Vitamin K:

You might have seen that the vitamin K will be present in your commercial eye creams. This is because it protects those tiny blood vessels from the damages. So when it does, no more darkness around your eyes!!!

Foods which are rich in Vitamin K: Green leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage

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Vitamin C:

We all know that vitamin C is good for our skin. This takes care of the elasticity of the skin as well as the blood vessels below the eyes.

Sources of Vitamin C: Citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons, tomatoes, broccoli, berries, sprouts and kiwifruit.

Vitamin E:

It gives a fresh and radiant look to your eyes by healing your skin around your eyes. It also helps to treat eye puffiness.

Foods which are rich in Vitamin E: Avocado, Blackberries, Mango and Kiwifruit.

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Now we’re here to treat our Dark circles!

Get rid of the dark circles naturally with this pack:

First method:


  • Aloe vera – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Coconut oil – 2 to 3 drops


  • Mix the aloe vera with the coconut oil.
  • Apply this mixture on your dark circles and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  • Wash your eyes with water and pat dry.

Second method:

If you’re not interested to use any ingredients. This is for you! Heal your dark circles with no ingredients and just with the help of your hands. Yes, you heard me right. It is done by massaging your eyes in the right way.  We may also get dark circles due to the toxins in our body. Here we are not only massaging the eyes but also the liver and kidneys to remove the toxins. Confused, right? Check this video below and follow the steps mentioned in it for the beautiful and healthy eyes by getting rid of the dark circles. I’ve tried it and the results were amazing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long does it take to get rid of the dark circles?

Do the first method every night and you can able to see the difference within a week. In the second method, you can able to see the difference within 3 weeks.

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Can I able to get rid of the dark circles caused by spectacles?

Yes, you can. But it takes a little more time to treat these kinds of dark circles than the ones come from improper sleep and stress. It goes for sure because once I was wearing them. Also, I’m not using it anymore since I improved my eyesight with the help of yoga and food. Wearing them continuously also makes it difficult to get rid of them. Why don’t you try to improve your eyesight naturally and get rid of your spectacles along with the dark circles?

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How do I prevent dark circles?

Let me recall you again for those beautiful eyes!

  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Avoid stress
  • Cold compress: Cold compress helps you to reduce the size of the blood vessels beneath your skin. This reduces dark circles.

Do you know any other foods which are rich in the above-mentioned vitamins and minerals? Let me know in the comments!Earn with Fiverr!

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