Natural mosquito repellents that actually work!

Worried about the toxins emitted from the mosquito repellent? And looking for the natural mosquito repellents? No worries! I’m here to guide you to get rid of the mosquitoes from your home in a natural way. These natural mosquito repellents not only get rid of the mosquitoes but also good for your health. Ready to explore the ideas?

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Why one should go for natural mosquito repellents?

First, let’s look into the cons of using the market mosquito repellents. We may suffer from respiratory problems like asthma if we inhale the chemicals evaporated from those mosquito repellents (either it may be machine or coil or spray) This even may lead to lung cancer due to the smoke emitted from the coils.

Not only that, DEET or N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide also called diethyltoluamide is the main ingredient used in these repellents. Do you know the risks of inhaling it?

The more you expose to the DEET, there is a high chance of damage to the brain cells. Not only that it also affects the nervous system. This DEET has the capacity to even melt the plastics. So now you’ve to think twice before using any of your mosquito repellents like mats, sprays and coils.

We should not close the doors when we use these repellents as it affects us more than anything. But some of us use AC while using these repellents. Think about how it affects us as well as infants and children. With these problems, why we’re using them in the first place? And you’ve taken the right decision to switch to natural mosquito repellents!

Natural ways to get rid of the mosquitoes inside of the home:

Benzoin Resin:

Benzoin Resin is a great alternative for mosquito repellents. It was used after the hair wash to prevent the scalp from infections by our ancestors. Inhaling the Benzoin Resin smoke calms us by entering into our body and there are numerous benefits of inhaling the smoke of it.

How to use Benzoin Resin to get rid of the mosquitoes?

Burn the Benzoin Resin and allow its smoke to spread across your home. This will not only kill the mosquitoes but also other insects.

However, if you are suffering from respiratory problems, don’t overdo this or try to go for the second method mentioned below. Even though it’s smoke has many health benefits, it may affect asthma patients.

Bio enzyme:

We’ve already seen how bio enzymes are great at cleaning our houses (If you haven’t read that post, go here to know the significant benefits of bio enzyme and how to make it on your own). But do you know bio enzyme just works great as a natural mosquito repellent too? Even I was surprised while researching this topic.

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So how do you use bio enzyme as the natural mosquito repellent?


All you need is a spray bottle, water, and bio enzyme.


  • Add 20 ml of bio enzyme in 1 liter of water and mix it well.
  • Pour this in a clean spray bottle.
  • Spray this liquid around the houses.

This not only fights the mosquitoes but also aids to kill cockroaches, ants, and flies.

Mosquito net:

If you have an infant at your house, just stick with the mosquito net around him/ her. Bio enzyme is completely safe, even we’ve them in our body. But it’s better not to use it at least around them. Also, don’t use benzoin either as it emits smoke which is not good for those tiny lungs.

Tired of searching for a sustainable mosquito net? No worries! You can find the foldable cotton mosquito net here!

Natural mosquito repellents that actually works!

Frequently asked questions:

Do mosquito repellent plants like citronella actually work?

There was, and still is, no doubt that citronella oil repels mosquitoes, although it doesn’t last as long as DEET. But if you applied to the skin, it can keep mosquitoes away for a couple of hours. However, there isn’t any objective evidence that just having Citrosa plants around will repel mosquitoes, even though they give off a citronella odor. (Source)

What smells do mosquitoes hate?

Mosquitoes hate these smells. (Source)

  • Citronella
  • Basil
  • Peppermint
  • Garlic
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Neem
  • Marigold
  • Catnip
  • Bergamot
  • Eucalyptus

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Do essential oils act as mosquito repellent?

Yes. If you’re going for the essential oils to repel mosquitoes, you can try any of the following.

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But you should not apply the essential oils directly to the skin as it may cause irritation. Mix it with the carrier oils like coconut or olive oil and then apply it to the skin. Make sure you’re using the original ones for the best results.

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Neem oil – a natural mosquito repellent?

As I mentioned above, neem oil is quite popular as a natural mosquito repellent. It is said to be effective in protecting us from mosquito bites. Why don’t you try neem oil bath? Just add a few drops of neem oil to your bathing water. I’ve seen people apply neem oil on them to avoid mosquito bites. But the problem is it has a very strong smell. Some people may not like it. Have you tried using neem oil? Let me know in the comments.

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Will garlic repel mosquitoes?

It turns out to be yes. It may repel them. Try crushing 3 to 5 garlic cloves and strain the liquid. Now mix this essence in 1 liter of water and pour it into the spray bottle. Spray this liquid around the water stagnation where the mosquitoes breed. Shake well before you use.

Is coconut oil a mosquito repellent?

Once when the dengue was severe at our locality, my mom asks me to apply the coconut oil under the knees to prevent us from the mosquitoes.

Also, the USDA release says the coconut oil compounds out-performed DEET at repelling stable flies, with an effective rate greater than 95 percent, compared with DEET’s 50 percent. The release also says the coconut oil compounds repelled bed bugs and ticks for two weeks, as compared with DEET’s three days of effectiveness. However, the study notes that a much greater concentration of coconut oil acids is required to effectively repel mosquitoes as compared with DEET. Study authors say they are hopeful the research could result in the development of coconut oil-based insect repellent products to fight diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Try applying this pure press virgin coconut oil on the skin to protect you from mosquitoes.

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Last but not least avoid water stagnation:

If you have a backyard, maintain it properly. Water stagnation is the main reason for mosquito formation because they lay eggs in the water. Hence take care of your yard properly by regular trimming. Also, if you find any wet areas, cover them with dry leaves to stop the mosquitoes to produce more of them.

Try these methods one by one to see what works for you. 

You’ve to keep one thing in mind. These are natural mosquito repellents. So, they may not last as long as the DEET but they can last around 2 to 3 hours. Hence try repeating these methods once the effect has worn off or at least twice in a day if you’ve severe mosquito issues in your area. If it’s a mild issue, following any of these methods once will be more than enough.

How are you tackling these mosquitoes naturally at your home?

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