Plastic Free July Challenge | Day 15

Day 15 of the Plastic Free July Challenge

  • Plastic wrap in its commercial form is nearly impossible to actually recycle.
  • This means, nearly all of it ends up in the landfill, or worse, incinerators where it releases dioxin when burned.
  • Not that sitting around the landfill is any better. There, it will stay in its plastic form forever. Or, it will slowly break down, releasing its petroleum-based chemicals into waterways.
  • In the ocean, plastic wrap attracts bacteria and metal pollution. Making it a floating ball of delicious-looking toxins. Frequently mistaken for jellyfish, plastic wrap is deadly when eaten. (Source)

We need more beeswax food wrap to replace the traditional plastic wrap, baggies & aluminum foil.

Once clean, the bee wrap is ready to be used again. It can be reused more than 100 times for up to one year.

So, make the switch today!


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