Plastic Free July Challenge | Day 23

Day 23 of the Plastic Free July Challenge

Period underwear, Reusable cloth pads & Menstrual cups are great alternatives to  & disposable pads & tampons.

But personally what I noticed is that the people around me are ready to take some action for the environment during their periods, but terrifying when I say about Menstrual cups.

This is the case for the teens as well. And so, I tried Thinx period underwear and told my fellow women about my period experience with the Thinx. And guess what? they’ve made the switch!

So, period underwear is a great option and this may highly benefit the people who are afraid of cups.

Check out my complete guide on period underwear here! In this post, you’ll find what is period underwear, how to buy it at discount, and how to use it, wash it and maintain it for longer life.

Let’s quit plastics and switch to sustainable period products!

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