21 Best Sustainable Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day approaching, we’re all brainstorming gift ideas to give to the most important human being in our life. However, as the holiday season draws near, we must remember Mother Nature too. It’s true that giving gifts can be wasteful, considering all the plastic packaging, ribbons, and cardboard boxes, but now it’s not that difficult.

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This gift guide is for you if you’re always thinking about the environment. You won’t be disappointed with any of these presents if you are a zero-waste devotee like me or an environmentalist.

The good news is that your lovely Mother doesn’t have to be environmentally conscious to appreciate the sustainable gift for Mother’s Day you offer her.

Biodegradable presents are one option. Or you can simply go for Mother’s Day digital presents.

Whether you’re looking for something low-cost or high-end, there’s a gift for your mother out there. I have compiled a list of great eco-friendly and sustainable gift options that will help you find the ideal Mother’s Day present for your mom!

Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts in the Price range of $20 to $90

Fresh Flowers & Blooms

What can be better than fresh sustainable flowers when it comes to sustainable Mother’s day gifts?

How to shop for sustainable flowers for your mom?

  • Choose locally grown flowers: Look for flowers that have been grown locally or regionally. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supports local farmers.
  • Look for certified organic flowers: Certified organic flowers are grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. You can look for certifications such as USDA Organic or the European Union’s Organic certification.
  • Choose flowers grown using sustainable farming practices: Look for flowers grown using sustainable farming practices such as regenerative agriculture or agroforestry. These practices help to reduce soil erosion, improve soil health, and promote biodiversity.
  • Choose flowers that are in season: Seasonal flowers are more likely to have been grown locally, and they will also be fresher and have a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Avoid flowers with excessive packaging: Look for flowers that are sold without excessive packaging. Avoid plastic wrap and styrofoam, and instead, opt for flowers that are packaged in recyclable or compostable materials.
  • Consider the social impact: Look for flowers that are ethically sourced, and support businesses that provide fair wages and safe working conditions for their workers.

But if you’re looking for some sustainable online options, the Bouqs is a great place to shop for sustainable flowers! At the Bouqs you can easily find fresh flowers, plants, and even dried-out beautiful colored flowers to gift your moms!

They are helping farmers all over the world grow their businesses! They partner with eco-friendly farms that produce less waste, recycle water, and use sustainable growing practices.

At the Bouqs, there are some cute zero waste friendly gift options as well which you can order along with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Offers from the Bouqs:

  • If you are a new customer, get 20% Off Sitewide at the Bouqs! Use Code: newbouq20
  • If you’ve already purchased from them and looking for some discount, Use Code welcomeback15 to get 15% Off on Orders above $65!
  • If you’re looking to send your mom flowers on a monthly basis, the Bouqs has a great subscription program that helps you to save up to 30% + free shipping with every subscription order.

Earth-Friendly Clothing Items

Our moms hardly buy dresses for themselves or think about changing their wardrobe. I think Mother’s day is the perfect day to go shopping with her or get her some comfortable sustainable clothing items to upgrade her wardrobe.

Pact is a great place to start if you’re looking for affordable sustainable clothing options. Their daily casual wear collection is both affordable and comfortable making it a perfect sustainable Mother’s day gift.

The coastal daily tops, daily pants, staycation sleep pants, slouchy tees, and midi dress collection at Pact are something your mom will like for sure. There are a whole lot of items to choose from.

And if you’re friends with your mom, go ahead and buy matching sweatshirts!

Reasons to shop from Pact:

  • Pact promises to do no harm and sources only 100% organic cotton.⁠
  • They use eco-friendly materials and practice everywhere humanly possible⁠
  • Their endless search for ways to keep improving comfort without compromising the planet makes them the best ⁠
  • Pact saves vast amounts of water and uses no toxic chemicals.⁠
  • 35 Million+ Gallons of water was saved by Pact consumers in 2020⁠

Offer from Pact:

  • Use Code: WASTEFREECULTURE15 to get 15% Off while you purchase on Pact!

You can opt for any sustainable clothing brand; the point here is to take care of mother nature along with your own momma!

Comfortable Pair Of Shoes

Our moms are always standing. One moment she is in the kitchen making some tasty meal and another minute she is already going out for a quick grocery shop.

Well, you can make this always-on-foot time more comfortable and relaxing for her by giving her an eco-friendly pair of shoes.

Koio is the perfect place to order sustainable footwear for your mom! Their shoes are masterfully handcrafted using locally sourced leathers, suedes, and recycled materials. Every pair passes through the hands of 42 artisans before it’s deemed complete.

Offers for Koio:

Eco-friendly Candle

Look for candles made with soy wax or beeswax and scented with natural essential oils. These candles are free from harmful chemicals and produce less waste.

Zero waste Makeup kit

Opt for makeup products packaged in reusable or refillable containers to reduce waste. Look for brands that use sustainable and non-toxic ingredients.

Upcycled Home Decor

Choose home decor items made from upcycled materials like old wine bottles or reclaimed wood. It’s a sustainable gift option that promotes creativity and reduces waste.

Natural Skincare Kit

Opt for skincare products made with natural, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Look for brands that prioritize ethical and sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.

Eco-friendly Bedsheets

Our list of sustainable gifts for Mother’s day is incomplete without mentioning our favorite item; BEDSHEETS. A good night’s sleep is something that many moms can appreciate.

If you are looking for breathable, easy-care, comfortable bedding that is also great for the environment, Wooflinen is a great place to shop for bedding!

Reasons to shop from Wooflinen:

Wooflinen bedding is made from both French Linen and Bamboo.

  • Bamboo requires less water to grow.
  • French Linen derives from the Flax Plant and this plant comes with a number of environmentally friendly benefits including, but not limited to, the plant does not require pesticides to grow. It takes very little energy to process the plant to French Linen. And the final material is recyclable.
  • Besides donating a portion of all sales to rescues and partner foster networks, Wooflinen also manufactures dog accessories for both sale and donation.

Offer from Wooflinen:

  • Wooflinen provides FREE Shipping with No Minimum Purchase!

Experience gifts

Experience gifts can be a great option for Mother’s Day as they provide an opportunity to create lasting memories with your mother. Here are some ideas for experience gifts:

Cooking or baking class

If your mother enjoys spending time in the kitchen, a cooking or baking class can be a fun and educational experience. You can find classes online or in person that focus on a particular cuisine or technique.

Spa day

Treat your mother to a relaxing day at the spa. You can book a massage, facial, or other treatment, and make it a full day by including lunch or a manicure/pedicure.

Wine tasting

If your mother enjoys wine, a wine tasting experience can be a great gift. You can book a tour of a local winery or vineyard, or find a wine tasting event in your area.

Concert or show tickets

Surprise your mother with tickets to see her favorite musician, comedian, or play. Make a day of it by going out to dinner before or after the show.

Outdoor adventure

If your mother is the adventurous type, consider booking a hiking or kayaking trip, or even a hot air balloon ride.

Art class

If your mother is creative, an art class can be a great gift. You can find classes that focus on painting, pottery, or other crafts.

Photography session

Hire a professional photographer for a family photo shoot or a portrait session of just your mother. This can be a great way to capture memories and create a special keepsake.

Remember, the best experience gift is one that is tailored to your mother’s interests and personality. So, think about what your mother enjoys doing and plan an experience that she will love.

Expensive Sustainable Gifts For Mother’s Day

Ethical Jewelry

Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, but it’s important to ensure it’s ethically sourced and made from sustainable materials. Look for brands that use recycled precious metals or ethically sourced gems, such as Brilliant Earth, Vrai, or Catbird.

High-quality Sustainable furniture from Noho

If you have some extra budget then just go for the furniture items from Noho.

Their eco-friendly comfortable and relaxing chairs are what your mom needs in her old age to sit properly and relieve her back pain. These items are not just comfortable but also come in a refreshing new style to make your mom’s furniture look more modern and unique. 

Reasons to shop from Noho:

They repurpose discarded waste, and use sustainable energy to build their products to last.

Offer from Noho:

Free of Cost Sustainable Gifts For Mother’s Day

Kind Act of Service

What can be a better gift for your mom than doing some chores for her? 

Perhaps she often talked about painting her room yellow, or her garden is in desperate need of some tender loving care. Or drive her to visit her old friend which she’s been meaning to do for a long time!

Make Your Mom A Meal

You’re in luck if your mother lives with you. You can spend the whole day with her, talking about her favorite things, and watching her favorite movies or series. And the best that you can give her a day – or at least one meal – off from cooking. Prepare your mom’s favorite dish or serve her breakfast in bed. 

Manicure & Pedicure at home

It’s okay if your mom does not want to go out and just wants to chill at home. You can still pamper her by doing a manicure and pedicure at home. Painting her nails and enjoying some quality time with her is the best gift you can ever give your mom on Mother’s Day.

FAQs on Sustainable Gifts Ideas For Mother’s Day

How to wrap your gift to produce less or no waste?

  • Furoshiki Wrapping is perfect.
  • Do not use tape, instead use compostable thread.
  • Use natural greenery, leaves, and foraged sprigs.
  • Make the best use of old maps.
  • Reuse old magazine covers.
  • DIY bows out of upcycled magazines.
  • Use old newspapers/ brown paper.

What are some ideas for recycled Mother’s Day gifts?

Another way of keeping things simple for Mother’s Day — and trying to dodge any excessive shopping trips — I recommend going for recycled Mother’s Day presents that you can create out of cardboard boxes, cans, sandpaper, and other items you’d normally recycle or toss.

Check out some really cute recycled Mother’s Day gift ideas here!

I enjoy showering my mother with gifts! Mother’s Day is merely an excuse for me to express my gratitude to her for all she has done for me throughout my life. But I always make sure that I’m grateful to Mother Earth too so that I choose a sustainable present. And I hope you do the same 🙂

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