Zero Waste Personal Hygiene

How to use soap nuts for laundry 3 different ways

Use soap nuts for laundry in 3 ways | Zero Waste Laundry

Today we are going to talk about soap nuts. I...

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Homemade deodorant Zero waste

Homemade deodorant – Natural & Zero Waste

We all sweat and it sometimes embarrasses us on our...

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All purpose cleaner-Bio enzyme (Recipe, FAQ & Uses)

Bio enzyme-All purpose cleaner (DIY, FAQ & Zero Waste)

Hey, zero waste buddies! Today let’s see an Indian based...

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Remove stains from clothes naturally

Remove stains from white & coloured clothes – Zero Waste

Removing stains with zero waste items may sound daunting to...

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DIY Air Fresheners – Zero Waste & Homemade

Do you know that the air inside our homes is...

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Natural mosquito repellents that actually works!

Natural mosquito repellents that actually work!

Worried about the toxins emitted from the mosquito repellent? And...

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Sustainable Alternatives to Tissues

Sustainable Alternatives to Tissues

The winter months are about to come and there are...

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