Hey, I’m your zero waste buddy, a huge lover of nature, leading a sustainable life. There is a story behind my journey to the Zero Waste Lifestyle. Back in my college days, I had severe acne issues. It was hard for me because I won’t wear makeup or use any creams on my skin due to the harsh chemicals in them.  And so, I’m not sure how to deal with it but my mom urged me to see a doctor. I was hesitant at first but when the acne got worse I had no option rather than going to a dermatologist.

He prescribed a lot of medications and an ointment to apply. I eventually took them and after taking them for a few months, the acne got disappeared.

Exploring Ancient remedies:

But there was a problem, the acne started to come back again when I stopped those medications. It was a nightmare. I can’t intake these medications for my whole life, right? so I decided to explore some of our Ancient Indian remedies to cure them naturally. I started to do some research and while researching I came to know that 99% of the ingredients used in those remedies are easily available in India. Hence, I thought why don’t I give it a shot? and I’m glad I did!

I got stunned by the results!!! because I’ve used only the natural ingredients in those remedies. I was able to see the changes in my skin from the very first week even though the progress is small. This intrigued me to explore more of our Ancient lifestyle – like how they lived healthily only with their food and the way they led their life.  And I found that there is a reason behind their each and every advice.

For example: Let’s take turmeric. Turmeric is used in various treatments like treating wounds, injuries, skin infections, and of course pimples. Even I do remember when I was a kid my grandma treats my wounds with turmeric. I’m not giving you any medical advice here but I’m trying to emphasize that we forgot our ancient golden ideas and values. So, I decided to recollect them and apply those golden principles along with the new ones to lead this healthy and Waste Free lifestyle.

Now back to the story, by seeing the results I started to create my own skincare and haircare products. To my surprise, my friends became my customers by seeing the difference in my skin and hair.

Reason for quitting plastics: 

I started to avoid plastics as much as possible especially single-use plastics when I saw a video on how sea animals are getting killed due to these plastics.  This is how I get into this Waste Free Lifestyle.

Zero waste living is not just about creating less or no trash. It is more than just the trash. So you’ll see me covering a wide range of topics on how to live our lives in a sustainable and healthy way.

All the ideas mentioned here will be attainable so don’t worry.

Yeahhh… I’m also a human who has limitations and temptations, especially towards food as any other human being (FYI: I’m a Food enthusiast). So I’ll share only the ideas which are easy to be done, takes no time and effort.

You’re going to live in an entirely different way without losing anything from your current life. And this way you’ll be able to give back to our Earth which has given everything to us. It’s our time to do the favor to the earth when it is suffering from its core.

So what are you waiting for? C’mon, let’s save our world together!

If you’d like to work with me or for any queries, contact: wastefreeculture@gmail.com


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