Zero Waste Beauty Regimen

Zero waste haircare

Zero waste hair care routine – Minimalism

I’ve my own rituals when comes to maintaining my hair.…

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Zero waste skincare routine for a healthy glowing skin

Zero waste skincare routine for healthy glowing skin

Hey guys. Today we’re going to talk about my Zero…

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Benefits of Henna for hair

Henna for hair – benefits and its recipe

Are you ready to dye your hair naturally? Or you’re…

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DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm: Natural & Zero Waste

Hey everyone!!! Since we’re in the winter most of us…

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Homemade Rose petal powder Recipe

Homemade Rose petal powder recipe

Roses are used from the ancient days for their fragrance,…

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Homemade Moisturizers For Winter Dry Skin

Homemade Moisturizers for dry skin in winter

You all know that I use coconut oil for my…

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DIY Orange peel powder

Orange peel powder – DIY, Skin & Hair Benefits

Wondering what to do with the leftover orange peels? I’m…

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Get rid of Dark circles - natural & zero waste

Get rid of Dark circles – Natural & Zero waste way!

Trying to get rid of the dark circles naturally in…

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Nalangu Maavu Recipe - Zero Waste Bath Powder

Nalangu Maavu Recipe – Zero Waste Bath Powder

If you’re a regular reader of my blog posts, you…

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Shikakai shampoo Recipe- For a Long & Healthy Hair

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors have a long…

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Rose petal powder - Benefits for skin

Rose petal powder – Benefits & Uses for Skin & Hair

Roses are rich in vitamin C, B, and K and…

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Natural Loofah vs Synthetic Loofah, Natural Loofah Benefits, How to Use, FAQ

Natural Loofah vs Synthetic Loofah | Benefits | How to Use | FAQ

Plastic loofahs are typically made of a synthetic material called…

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