Plastic Free July Challenge | Day 17

Day 17 of the Plastic Free July Challenge

Everybody loves ice cream. So, how one can go plastic-free while having ice cream?

The answer is simple, just switch to cone ice creams!

Do you know?

Billions of single-use cups are thrown into landfill sites every year and, according to the WWF, to produce a single latte requires 200 liters of water, including the materials and manufacture of the paper cup and cardboard sleeve.

In the UK there are 2.5 billion paper coffee cups used every year. Most of these cups don’t get recycled. And to add to that, the paper for the cups comes from 80-year-old trees. So it takes 80 years to grow the tree which is used for single-use coffee or ice cream cups (Source)

So, just buy an ice cream cone and have fun!


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