Top 21 Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom is one area where a lot of waste can accumulate, from plastic packaging to disposable products. By making a few changes to our daily routines and using zero waste bathroom swaps, we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment. Here are the top 21 zero waste bathroom essentials to help you get started:

Zero waste Personal hygiene products

Bar Soap:

Bar soap is a great alternative to liquid soap that typically comes in plastic packaging.

Shampoo bar:

Shampoo bars come in minimal or compostable packaging and can last for months. Learn more about why you should use shampoo bars here! Or make your own natural shampoo!

Conditioner bar:

Conditioner bars are a great alternative to liquid bottled conditioners that come in plastic bottles and again they can last for several months.

Natural Loofah Sponge:

Use a natural loofah sponge instead of a synthetic one. They are biodegradable and gentle on your skin.

Stainless steel razor:

Disposable razors contribute significantly to plastic waste. Swap out disposable razors for a stainless steel safety razor that can be reused for years.

Shaving soap:

Replace shaving cream in an aerosol can with a shaving soap bar that comes in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Reusable makeup remover pads:

Reusable makeup remover pads are a great alternative to disposable cotton pads. They can be washed and reused.

Zero Waste Deodorant:

Switch to a zero waste deodorant that comes in a recyclable or compostable container. They are free of harmful chemicals and come in a range of scents. If you’re a DIY person, here’s the recipe for the natural deodorant!

Zero waste Dental Care:

Bamboo toothbrush:

A biodegradable alternative to plastic toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrushes are durable and compostable.

Toothpaste tablets:

Rather than buying toothpaste in a plastic tube, try toothpaste tablets that can be chewed or dissolved in water. They come in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Compostable Dental Floss:

Traditional dental floss is made with plastic that is not biodegradable. Switch to compostable dental floss made from natural materials like silk or bamboo.

Zero waste skincare & beauty regimen

Face moisturizer:

I personally use Aloe Vera Gel as a face moisturizer which comes in an Aluminium container that can be reused or recycled multiple times.

Body Lotion Bar:

A body lotion bar is a solid bar of lotion that can be used instead of bottled lotion. They come in a range of scents and are often packaged in cardboard or paper. If you’re not a lotion bar person, opt for the ones that come in sustainable packaging such as glass or make your own Body lotion.

Lip balm:

Choose the lip balms that come in sustainable packaging or make your natural lip balm at home!

Wooden hairbrush:

A durable and biodegradable alternative to plastic hairbrushes.

Zero waste period products

Menstrual cup:

A reusable alternative to disposable pads and tampons that can last for up to 10 years with proper care. Imagine how much money you can save just by avoiding disposable pads/ tampons.

Cloth menstrual pads:

If you are afraid of using a menstrual cup, try reusable cloth pads. These can be washed and reused multiple times.

Zero waste toilet essential

Bidet attachment:

A bidet attachment can reduce the need for toilet paper and is an easy way to make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

Zero waste cleaning products

Eco-friendly toilet brush:

Instead of using a plastic toilet brush, go for an Eco-friendly toilet brush made of coconut fiber and wood.

Reusable cleaning cloths:

Instead of using disposable paper towels, switch to reusable cleaning cloths. You can make your own by cutting up old t-shirts or towels into squares. These clothes can be used to clean bathroom surfaces and then washed and reused multiple times.

Eco-friendly bathroom cleaner:

Make your own bathroom cleaner at home or go for refillable cleaners.


These 21 zero waste bathroom essentials are a great place to start in reducing our environmental footprint and living more sustainably. You’re not only making an impact on the environment but also on your financial life. Though the initial cost for some of them may be high you can save a ton of money in the long run.

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