How to make the Homemade Milk cream & Butter

Hi, today we’re going to look into 2 recipes which are quite easy to do both at the same time. They are nothing but the recipes of homemade milk cream and butter. In the earlier post, I’ve mentioned how to make the mayonnaise at home. If you haven’t checked it out, you can read it here. Okay, let’s get into the recipes.

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Homemade milk cream:


Just milk – 1 litre

How to make the Homemade Milk cream & Butter


  • Boil the milk until it reaches the top of the container.
  • Cool it down for 5 minutes.
  • Now carefully take the top layer of the milk which is called Lactoderm (or Malai in India) with the help of a spoon.
  • Then boil the milk again and repeat the process once you’ve collected enough malai.
  • Once collected, take the malai to the electric hand mixer or blender and whisk it around 5 minutes. Now you’ll find the liquid consistency.
  • Whisk for another 5 minutes. Now you may find the malai turned to the creamy texture.

And your homemade milk cream is ready!

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But if you don’t wanna use the entire milk for making the homemade milk cream or if you’ve felt that boiling it, again and again, leads to energy waste, no problem at all. I know everyone drinks milk daily. So, whenever you’re boiling the milk collect the malai in a bowl on a daily basis and store it in the refrigerator, once you’ve collected enough malai, you can start making your homemade milk cream. But it takes around 10 to 15 days to collect enough malai to prepare the milk cream. So, make sure to start the process earlier if you’re in the need of the milk cream in your dishes.

Homemade butter:


  • Milk or Milk cream
  • Ice cubes


  • If you’re going with the milk follow the above process in order to get the milk cream first. Or make sure to do both the milk cream and the butter at the same.
  • Once your milk cream is done, take the required amount of cream from your blender and transfer it into the container and refrigerate it.
  • And now whisk the remaining milk cream left in the blender with the ice cubes for another 5 minutes (which is 15 minutes in total if you’re starting from the milk)
  • You’ll find that the liquid from the milk cream gets separated to form butter.
  • When the liquid is completely separated from the liquid, drain the liquid from it. (My mom use this liquid to make the fresh fruit juice on the day of preparing the butter in order not to waste the liquid!)

Here you go, your homemade butter is ready!

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Keep in mind, when you’re going to prepare both the milk cream and butter on the same day make sure to take more milk or malai. So that you’ll get enough amount of both milk cream and butter.


Store both the homemade milk cream and butter in the separate airtight containers (lol) and place them in the refrigerator. We’re not using any preservatives here so it’ll come around 10 days.

Bonus recipe: Homemade Ghee

I know most of you knew this already, but still, let me share with you. Melt our homemade butter to turn it into homemade ghee. The plus point of ghee is that it’ll never spoil. Just store it a cool place and you don’t need to refrigerate it.

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