Zero Waste Junk food – Tips and Ideas

You no need to sacrifice your junk food in the name of zero waste living. Since they are unhealthy have them occasionally or just do it at home. Yes, when we’re making them at our home, we know the ingredients which are going into our body. The ingredients we choose will decide whether these junk foods are healthy or not.

While I’m browsing for some good zero waste junk foods, I found most of them were sweet-based. Why it’s always should be sweet when going for zero waste snacks? FYI, I’m a person who doesn’t prefer sweets much. And so, I’ve covered a wide range of zero waste junk food in this post.

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Zero Waste Junk food:


Who loves pizza here? I know there are more pizza lovers in this world! Have you stopped ordering pizza just by thinking of the waste you produce? I know these restaurants will send you loads of pizza seasonings. As I always say, you should never sacrifice your food cravings while doing a good cause! (of course, there is a limit to your cravings). You can have the pizza without producing much trash. You can instruct the restaurant not to send the tomato ketchup or any other pizza seasonings. By this, you’ll only get the pizza in the cardboard box.

So, what can you do with that pizza box? Well, you can compost it! Since it’s cardboard some may toss their pizza box in the recycle bin. But one shouldn’t do that. Why one should not recycle but compost the pizza box? I’ve shared about it in my old post, click here to know more.

Alternatively, you can also dine out for your favorite pizza.

Check out my homemade pizza seasonings and tomato ketchup recipes!


I occasionally eat a veggie burger when I head out. I only opt for the tomato ketchup when they have in the bottles and I would say no when they provide me with plastic sachets. I love tomato ketchup and I literally have the ketchup with most of the street foods. And so I take them with me in my bag whenever I head out.

French fries:

Basically, I prepare this at my home. I eat them as my evening snack with my homemade tomato ketchup and Mayonnaise.

Tortilla chips:

If you have an option to buy tortilla chips package-free go for it. But I couldn’t find them nearby and hence I make them at home. Check out my recipe here to prepare the tortilla chips for your next home party.

Hot Chocolate:

Hot chocolate is perfect for your lazy rainy evening. You can prepare this from scratch every time. Or you can just prepare the hot chocolate mix which can be stored in an airtight container for regular use. I’ve shared both the recipes here!


I love shawarma a lotttt!!! But in order to consume less meat, I used to prepare shawarma with paneer! Yes, I follow the same recipe but instead of chicken, I use the paneer. For the spread, sometimes I prefer healthy homemade hummus over homemade garlic mayonnaise for my shawarma!


I make this at my home. Mostly I prefer to have a veg sandwich with corn and cheese! Sometimes, I’d like to add garlic mayonnaise as well. I’m a huge fan of shawarma because of the garlic mayonnaise in it. I like garlic in every meal and so I just try to add them to my daily meals either in powdered form or raw. FYI, garlic is also a great immune booster. Check out my sandwich recipes here.

Lay’s chips or potato chips:

I love lay’s chips. But they come in plastic packaging and that’s why I decided to make them by myself. I’ve shared all the top 5 flavors of lay’s here.


I sometimes prefer eating Kurkure as well especially when I’m sick. I hate that bitter taste in my mouth. So, I just have one or two pieces to cope with that taste. (Note: I’m not asking you to eat Kurkure when you’re sick, I’m just sharing what I do, lol). You can find my Kurkure recipe here. They are perfect for those rainy evenings.

Chocolate chip cookies:

I don’t prefer eating biscuits much but when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, it’s a totally different story. I just love them. I’ve shared 3 different ways of making chocolate chip cookies here.

What are some less wasteful fast food options?

Take your own containers:

You might say, I’m quite busy making my own snacks. For those people, there’s an option too. That’s nothing but taking your own containers to the shop. Example: Ask for a burger or pizza with no tomato ketchup or seasonings and no wrapping especially when comes to shawarma or burger. Make the tomato ketchup and pizza seasonings at home in no minutes.

Check for alternatives:

You can also check for alternatives. See if it comes with any compostable or recyclable material instead of the plastic ones and you’re good to go. But keep in mind it must be your last option.

Dine out:

Last but not least, dine out. It’s a great way to reduce trash because you’ll be served with reusable plates and cutleries. If you couldn’t complete the food in one sitting like me, you can transfer the food to your reusable containers and have them later at your home! I don’t trust me so I always carry a reusable lunch box with me whenever I go out for dining.

By making it yourself and taking your own containers you can dramatically reduce the trash while you eat! Try for a month, you’ll be amazed.

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